Brown & James Commits to Fostering a Culture of Inclusion for People with Disabilities

December 5, 2023

More than 20% of individuals in the U.S. workforce identify as having a disability, but only 1.4% of lawyers in law firms do so. The gap between the overall workforce and law firms is likely due to a number of reasons, including that disability inclusivity is often overlooked or overshadowed in broad organizational diversity efforts.

To increase the focus on this important underrepresented group of amazing talent, the Diversity Lab Disability Inclusion Advisory Group — including world-renowned advocates and leaders — leveraged their insights and experiences to create a list of 10 actions that law firms, legal departments, and other organizations can take to increase inclusion and equitable access to opportunities for disabled individuals in the legal profession.

Brown & James is proud to announce its commitment and participation in this endeavor.

More information is available on the Diversity Lab website.