Defense Verdict in TBI Case

July 9, 2024

Corey Kraushaar and Thomas Felman received a complete defense verdict in a traumatic brain injury case after a three-day jury trial in St. Charles County. Plaintiff claimed that he suffered a TBI and injuries to his head, neck and back when defendant’s employee failed to stop his landscaping truck and trailer hauling a Bobcat on the highway. Plaintiff argued that defendant’s employee had ample time to see plaintiff pulling out from his private driveway and onto the highway. Plaintiff also argued that only one of the three brakes on the trailer was operational based on the evidence at the scene. As a result of his injuries, plaintiff claimed he could no longer operate his motorcycle business that built custom motorcycles for famous individuals, including Jay Leno. Plaintiff asked for $4 million in damages from the jury. The jury returned a complete defense verdict.