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Veterinary Health Care Liability

Veterinarians face many of the same issues and risks as medical doctors treating human patients.

Just like any doctor, veterinarians have various responsibilities when treating their patients – the only difference is they are working on animals instead of people. And as happens when working with people, sometimes things go wrong, resulting in a malpractice suit being raised. The consequences of a veterinarian malpractice claim can be wide-ranging and may even result in a loss of a veterinary license.

Some examples of malpractice claims include:

  • Incorrect diagnosis of an animal’s illness or injury
  • Prescribing the incorrect medication or dosage of medication
  • Recommending an inappropriate treatment plan
  • Discontinuing treatment sooner than necessary
  • Causing a preventable injury
  • Negligence in the case of diagnosis or treatment

Brown & James attorneys have extensive experience in defending against such claims and understand the unique ramifications of these malpractice suits. In addition, they can help in licensing issues and disciplinary proceedings involving the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board.